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Wintons Teak (we) do not accept any form of cheque except bank cheques or money order (via Australia Post)

We accept Visa, Master Card, Debit Card, EFTPOS, EFT (Electronic Funds Transfer), and cash.

Payment can be made upon delivery by cash (COD), credit card (Visa, Mastercard or Debit card) via telephone, or in case of payment via EFT (Electronic Funds Transfer) customer has to provide EFT receipt upon delivery.

Wintons Teak may need to import goods purchased from our suppliers overseas. If there are circumstances where our supplier decides not to supply to us, or there is force majeure that prevents us from supplying the goods to you, Wintons Teak reserves the right to cancel your sales invoice and fully refund all monies paid. There will be no compensation for any inconvenience caused or perceived damages.

It is not possible for us to hold the goods that you have ordered or purchased for more than 21 days after the day in which our sales team contacted you to advise the availability of the goods to be picked up or delivered. In the case that you do not make any arrangement for pick up or delivery after 21 days, then the sales invoice will be cancelled and any amount paid will be forfeited.

Please choose carefully, as we do not normally return of products if you simply change your mind or make a wrong decision because of the size, color, shape or design. Exchange of goods is possible within 14 days of the goods being delivered/picked up. Exchange of goods must be of equal or higher value. The goods must not be used, which means that they are brand new and are in merchantable condition. Wintons Teak has complete discretion to determine the tradability of the goods being offered for exchange.

General Delivery Service Terms and Conditions:

There needs to be someone to receive delivery at the address provided by the customer (you) at the time of purchase. Wintons Teak (we) will not deliver goods where nobody will receive the goods at the time of delivery. Should you choose to have the goods redelivered or diverted to another delivery address, a delivery charge will be charged in accordance with our schedule of standard delivery charges.

Any balance payment can be made upon delivery via cash (COD), credit card (Visa, Mastercard, or debit card) via telephone.

It is not possible to provide an exact delivery time. However it is possible to request a phone call to be made to you one hour prior to the delivery. For payment of balances outstanding made via EFT, an EFT receipt must be provided prior to delivery.

Delivery service may include assembling services and moving the goods to the intended place. However, the service does not include moving any existing furniture or to rearrange the delivered goods within your residence or the designated address of delivery.

Delivery service may include assembling services and moving the goods to the intended place. While it is in our interest to complete the delivery job as soon as possible, however, it is not possible to set a definite time frame in which the delivery or any other service, such as assembly will be completed by our delivery staff. This is because duration of delivery service depends on the type and quantity of goods that need to be delivered and the layout of the building or sites of the delivery address.

Changes of delivery address or time must be notified at least one day before the scheduled delivery to the store in which the sales invoice was issued. Wintons Teak also reserves the right to make changes to the delivery charge.

In circumstances where you cancel the purchase of goods that we have delivered, an additional charge to take the goods back from the delivery address to our warehouse will take affect. This is determined in accordance with our schedule of standard delivery charges.. – This should probably be clarified but if you mean that goods delivered are cancelled after delivery, then this is probably not good practice and I imagine it will cost the company money.

It is important to inspect the goods before signing the “Accepted by” space, as we do not accept later claims for damaged goods including but not limited to scratches and stains,.

In the case you find that the goods cannot be assembled, we will attempt to assist you to assemble the goods and to find out whether the product has any defect that prevented it being assembled. In the case where the product is found to be defective, we will take the necessary steps as provided in our warranty policy. In the case where there is no defect to be found, then an assembly and delivery fee will be charged accordingly.