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Our deck chairs and patio chairs are designed to be both aesthetically pleasing and build to last. The outdoor environment can wreak havoc on your furniture overtime, which is why our outdoor chairs are made from best weatherproof materials like A grade teak and stainless steel, protecting them from damage caused by the elements.

Of course, we haven’t forgotten the importance of a well-designed piece of furniture in our quest for weatherproof materials. We provide products that complement virtually any design style while also maintaining some of the highest quality possible. Why compromise when you don’t have to? Now you can shop our collection of gorgeous outdoor chairs without sacrificing durability.

Choose from our diverse selection of deck chairs, patio chairs and any other outdoor chair available and experience style and durability in one complete package. All of our outdoor chairs are backed by up to 5 years warranty and are designed with your needs in mind, so shop with confidence when you shop at Wintons Teak.