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The Aren Dining Table is thoughtfully designed, demanding not only a designer with an eye for detail, but also a superbly skilled craftsman. 


Traditionally, rounded tabletops are composed from an octagonal frame, which is then rounded on the outside. This results in a tabletop frame that is smooth and rounded on its outer profile, with the internal octagonal profile remaining intact.


This is not the case with the Aren Dining Table, where the table top frame has been rounded both on its inner and outer profiles. This provides an overall clean and streamlined rounded look to the table. Further, the tapered leg and the thoughtfully profiled tabletop edges and legs provides for a detailed vanishing point that makes the furniture feel lighter and more approachable.

Aren Round Table 120

The Aren Table 120 can seat up to 4 people and is perfect for an outdoor space or small terrace. The tabletop has a smooth finish ideal for outdoor conditions.

RRP $2,585.00
Now on sale, see store for details.

Aren Round Table 160

With 3 protruding legs the Aren Table 160 can easily accommodates 2 chairs placed between each pair of legs. At 160 cm in diameter, it makes for a spacious round table for 6.

RRP $3,585.00
Now on sale, see store for details.