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The Abacus Alu Living Set is a versatile piece designed to suit both large and narrow spaces. Coupled with the Tandem Alu Coffee Table, the Abacus Alu Living Set permits endless configurations. For narrow spaces, the coffee table can be placed in between the Sofa or Loveseat pieces, while larger spaces can accommodate the coffee table in the front of pieces from the setting. 

The seat is equipped with synthetic rattan webbing that sits underneath the seat cushion, ensuring for a comfortable sitting position. As always, all Wintons Teak outdoor cushions are designed to be 100% outdoor, meaning that they can be left out in the rain and sun. This includes the backrest, that is made from loose granular foam pieces, allowing it to move about and fold to the body contour of its user. As a result the Abacus Alu Living Set offers a comfortable seat, perfect to enjoy the outdoors on those long summer days.

Tandem Alu Coffee Table 55x55

Designed to complement the Alda Lounger or as an occasional piece, the smallest size of the Tandem Alu coffee table, can also be stacked when not in use to save space.

RRP $485.00

Tandem Alu Coffee Table 70x70

Tandem Alu Coffee Table 70x70 is used either in the corner of Abacus Alu loveseat or sofa and also complements the stand alone Abacus Alu deep seater.

RRP $765.00

Tandem Alu Coffee Table 110x70

It can be placed in between the Abacus Alu sofa or loveseat to “break up” the setting by creating an opening in between them. It can also be a free standing placed in the middle of the Abacus Alu living set.

RRP $965.00