Neo Planter Box

The Neo planter box is intended to project a light and airy feel, which differs to the design of traditional planter boxes. This is achieved by raising the soil container above ground, through the use of a 30mm x 30mm square aluminium tube, which also forms the outline of the Neo planter box. This slim and sleek aluminium frame is then powder coated in black to create a stark contrasting effect to the teak slats that forms the container wall. This interplay of aluminium and teak makes the Neo planter box a modern and sophisticated planter box, perfect for any balconies or terrace.


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Neo Planter Box
Available in three sizes
1 Year Warranty
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The Neo planter box is suitable for both live and artificial plants. The base of the Neo planter box is composed of open timber slats to allow for drainage and as such is not suitable to hold soil. Please place a plastic planter pot inside the Neo planter box, for a live plant.