Tandem Alu Backless Bench

The Tandem Alu backless bench, designed as a complement to the Tandem Alu table is available in three different powder-coated colour options. The aluminium frame of the Tandem Alu backless sets the mood for your outdoor area, a masculine black frame, a light and airy white frame, or a sophisticated taupe coloured frame - the choice is yours. 

As always, Wintons Teak signature a-grade teak is used to craft the benchtop, allowing for a sophisticated natural touch to the industrial feel of the aluminium frame. What's more is that each of the benchtop is one-of-a-kind, as they are composed of timber slats of various widths. Every slat is positioned to create an abstract pattern of complex layers, giving unprecedented depth to an otherwise beautifully simple design.


In order to cater for the various needs and restrictions of your outdoor entertainment space, the Berkeley Extentsion Table comes in four stock standard sizes.

The secret to an effortless extension mechanism is hidden beneath the Berkeley's A-Grade Teak tabletop.

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Tandem Alu Stool
L50cm x W38cm x H45cm
3 YearWarranty
Flat Packed
25% OFF with Outdoor Table

The Tandem stool is designed to complement the ends of the Tandem Alu table or as an occasional piece. Crafted from powder-coated aluminium frame and a-grade teak, the Tandem Alu stool is designed to be 100% outdoor, simply leave it under the open sky, in the full sun and pouring rain. 

Tandem Alu Backless Bench
Available in L:130 (2 Seater), L:160 (3 Seater) & L:190 (4 Seater)
3 Year Warranty
Flat Packed
25% OFF with Outdoor Table

The Tandem Alu backless bench is designed to tuck underneath the Tandem Alu table. Without compromising on its comfort, the bench has been designed to be slightly narrower than most backless bench, at 38cm wide. The narrower bench allows the Tandem Alu setting to fit into the narrowest of outdoor space.