The Bordeaux Table is a traditional French country-style table, often seen in many farms or wineries around the countryside. The crossed-legged pedestal is designed to be a sturdy base for this oversized table. Crafted from durable a-grade teak, the table can be left to weather in the sun and rain to develop that lovely grey patina and driftwood texture adding elegance and sophistication to the table.


In order to cater for the various needs and restrictions of your outdoor entertainment space, the Berkeley Extentsion Table comes in four stock standard sizes.

The secret to an effortless extension mechanism is hidden beneath the Berkeley's A-Grade Teak tabletop.

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Bordeaux Table
L240cm x W113cm x H75cm
5 Year Warranty
Flat Packed

The Bordeaux table is best matched with comfortable armchairs that feel light and airy to compliment the heavy oversized table. These chairs include the Kingston or Elan armchairs, which are composed of an open weave that highlights the distinctive pedestal of the Bordeaux table. Crafted in a-grade teak, the Bordeaux table is meant to be left outdoors in the full sun and rain, all year round.