• Three Legged Aren Teak Round Outdoor Coffee Table dia 100cm
  • Three Legged Aren Teak Round Outdoor Coffee Table dia 80cm

Aren Coffee Table

The Aren coffee table is thoughtfully designed, demanding not only a designer with an eye for detail but also a superbly skilled craftsman. Traditionally, rounded tabletops are composed of an octagonal frame, which is then rounded on the outside. This results in a tabletop frame that is smooth and rounded on its outer profile, with the internal octagonal profile remaining intact. 

This is not the case with the Aren coffee table, where the tabletop frame has been rounded both on its inner and outer profiles. This provides an overall clean and streamlined rounded look to the table. Further, the tapered leg and the thoughtfully profiled tabletop edges and legs provide for a detailed vanishing point that makes the furniture feel lighter and more approachable. 


" Wintons Teak, Thank you so much!! My husband absolutely loves the Teak living set that I bought from you. I am so appreciative of your customer service and the best quality products. I bought the setting from your Moore Park store. The staff was so courteous, helpful, efficient, who helped me to make the right decision. " 

Kim, Paddington, NSW.

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Aren Coffee Table 80
L80cm x W80cm x H46cm
5 Year Warranty
Flat Packed

The Aren coffee table in 80cm diameter is designed both as a stand-alone piece or to be paired with its larger but lower sibling, the Aren coffee table 100. The round Aren coffee table provides a break to the often boxy and geometric shape of the deepseater and lowseaters its paired with. Crafted from solid a-grade teak without any fittings exposed to the element, the Aren coffee table is best suited for the marine environment.

Aren Coffee Table 100
L100cm x W100cm x H40cm
5 Year Warranty
Flat Packed

At only 40cm high, the larger Aren coffee table is 6cm lower than its smaller sibling. The design intention is to place the larger coffee table partly under the smaller Aren coffee table. This unites the two coffee tables to create a unique and inviting centrepiece to the outdoor living set its paired with.