Ove PT1

The Ove in PT1 is handwoven in a coil-like pattern, which together with the synthetic membrane that wraps around its aluminium structure, creates an even more rounded impression. The Ove also comes with all-weather outdoor cushions, equipped with UV resistant fabrics, mould resistant stuffing, and fast-drying foam, ensuring that it can be placed in the full sun and pouring rain.


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Ove Medium PT1
Dia Ø98cm x H83cm
3 Year Warranty
Fully Assembled
ON SALE - Ends 30 Apr 2023

The Ove is designed for one person, making this piece an ideal replacement for the more traditional armchair. Equipped with one scatter pillows that can be used as an armrest, the Ove medium makes for a comfortable armchair to finish off your summer read. As always, the Ove is designed to be 100% outdoor and can be left as is, fully exposed to the full sun and pouring rain. 

Ove Large PT1
Dia Ø121cm x H85cm
3 Year Warranty
Fully Assembled
ON SALE - Ends 30 Apr 2023

The larger size Ove chair is intended to be a more spacious armchair than its medium-sized siblings. The larger seating space allows users to have their feet folded up on the seat and “cocoon” to create your very own outdoor sanctuary. The Ove large is designed with two throw pillows for extra comfort.

Ove PT1 Cushion Cover Replacement

The cushion cover replacement for the Ove PT1 outdoor daybed is available in various colours for both Olefin and Sunbrella outdoor fabrics. Designed to house the quick-dry-foam inserts, the underside of Ove PT1 outdoor daybed cushion cover is constructed from a mesh like fabric to allow water to drain through.

Ove PT1 Foam Insert

Constructed from quick-dry-foam, the insert for the Ove PT1 outdoor daybed is composed of open-pore foam structure that allows water to seep through. Do not expose the quick-dry-foam insert without any cushion cover applied on, as dust and dirt can be trapped inside its open pore structure and damages the foam inserts.