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Unlike other pieces, the Aston Living Set is crafted from two intertwining tubular aluminum frames, which provide a twisting look to its overall outline. This frame is then wrapped and woven inside and out with faux banana bark wicker. The double weaving completely masks any of its aluminium structure, which reveals the smooth, curved form of this remarkable outdoor wicker set.

The Aston is detailed, with a rustic finished a-teak belt and skirting. Coupled with its pale cream wicker, it provides a weathered and casual feel to the piece, making it a great addition to grace a coastal property or a light and airy sunroom.


Aston Deepseater

The Aston Deepseater is a specious, comfortable seat, which is deeper than those in our other living set collections. It comes with a scatter pillow that can be moved about to support various seating positions.

RRP $2,335.00
Now on sale, see store for details.

Aston Ottoman

Designed to be used either as an ottoman or a stool. 

RRP $985.00
Now on sale, see store for details.

Aston Sofa

The Aston Loveseat is a spacious seat, allowing for more than 2 persons to fit comfortably. Detailed with a teak belt and skirting, it is one of the most intricately designed living sets in our collection. 

RRP $3,685.00
Now on sale, see store for details.
Product is lovely, everything is working well. Really pleased with how it looks.
Sylvia, Mosman