Axel TV Unit

The main design feature of the Axel range is the profiled edges of its frame. Made from solid Oak, these profiles protrude out from the otherwise flat facade of a modern and minimalist storage unit, creating texture and depth in its design.

This attention to detail doesn’t end at the design stage but continues in the production process. This is especially true where special care is required to ensure the profiled vertical and horizontal edges of the Axel meet, as the junctions need to be crafted perfectly. 

The Axel TV unit combines the bale blond colour of American white oak and the solid white drawers fronts. This makes the Axel TV unit an easy match to most interiors, however, should you need to vary the colour combination to all oak, or walnut and black, simply let us know through the customisation field below. 

This is because the pale blond American oak is equal to a neutral colour, as it can be easily paired with other timbers and other solid colours that may be present in a room. 


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Axel TV Unit 120
L120cm x W50cm x H55cm
3 Year Timber & Structural Warranty
Fully Assembled

Measuring at only 120cm long, the smallest of the Axel TV unit is designed for compact spaces. In keeping with the design direction of the Axel range, the 2 asymmetrical drawers on the TV unit is designed with a push-open mechanism to ensure a clean and seamless front.

Axel TV Unit 160
L160cm x W50cm x H55cm
3 Year Timber & Structural Warranty
Fully Assembled

The 160cm long Axel TV unit is a popular choice for those looking for a small to medium TV unit. The 160cm long Axel TV unit is designed with a row of open shelves and 2 drawers underneath it, however, should you desire to change these sizes and functionality to suit your requirement, simply let us know in the below field.

Axel TV Unit 200
L200cm x W50cm x H55cm
3 Year Timber & Structural Warranty
Fully Assembled

The largest Axel TV unit, measuring at 2meter long is the most popular size amongst the Axel TV unit. It is often the case that customer choose to customise this 2meter long the Axel TV unit longer to 240cm or even 3meter long. Simply let us know if you wish to do this by completing the customisation fields below.