The design inspiration behind the Booker collection is taken from the aesthetic of the modern Australian beach house. It uses the pale blond American oak as the primary timber choice and is paired with white slatted door fronts. This provides texture and depth to an otherwise modern and simple design joinery unit.


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Booker 2 Door Buffet Bookcase 80
W 80cm x D 50cm x H 200cm
3 Year Timber & Structural Warranty
Fully Assembled

The decorative door and drawer fronts make this 80cm wide Booker buffet bookcase an ideal piece for a home office. The top two shelves can be adjusted to cater to differing book heights, while the bottom shelf is designed to house folders.

Booker 3 Door Buffet Bookcase 160
W 160cm x D 50cm x H 200cm
3 Year Timber & Structural Warranty
Fully Built-Up, Further Assembly Required to Other Component

The 160cm long Booker buffet bookcase is the most obvious choice for most dining rooms, as it pairs well with the common 6 or 8 seater table that measures from 180 to 210 long. When placed in a home office, this 160cm long buffet bookcase also pairs very well with the common desk length of 160cm to 180cm. The Booker 3 door buffet bookcase is indeed a versatile piece that can easily belong to most rooms in your home.