Palma Bookcase

In keeping with the use of timber cladding in contemporary architecture, the Palma bookcase showcases the use of timber sticks as not only cladding, but the very structure of the bookcase. These sticks which are often seen as waste material; too small and uneconomical to be used in furniture making have been reused to create a load bearing structure. Set on the facade of the bookcase, it is the collection of these sticks that support each shelf, carrying the books and paraphernalia that they may hold. 


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Palma Bookcase - Teak
Available in 70, 80 and 90cm Wide
3 Years Timber & Structural Warranty
Fully Assembled

Viewed from the side, the slatted body of the Palma bookcase makes for the perfect decorative pattern to any modern interior. The texture formed from the use of solid teak wood slats provides for a warm and inviting interior, while the continuity of vertical slats creates a sense of height for your interior.