Is Teak Outdoor Furniture Good?

Submitted by admin on Fri, 12/18/2020 - 12:47
Why A-Grade Teak

Arguably, quality teak, classified as A-Grade teak makes for the best outdoor furniture. This is because properly treated A-Grade teak can withstand the weather, without the need for any maintenance or upkeep. This is due to the natural characteristic found only in mature teak timber, including its natural oil content and fine yet dense timber grain, which when combined makes outdoor furniture that exhibits the following superior quality features:

It’s Durable

As A-Grade Teak is categorised from the most mature section of the tree, with extremely high grain density, it is considerably stronger than lower grade teak, which incorporates the younger sap wood portion of the log. The strength and consistency of A-Grade Teak allows for more freedom in design and construction. Read more about A-Grade teak here

No Maintenance Involved

A-Grade Teak being the most mature part of the tree is rich in natural oil content that acts as a film and prevents water from penetrating into the grain of the timber. Other timber or less durable grades of teak will need to be oiled or varnished as it is lacking in natural oil. This added finish, which acts as an artificial barrier to direct sunlight, will degrade overtime and need to be refinished. This means an added maintenance requirement that's costly and time consuming.

Won’t Splinter

The rich oil content found in A-Grade Teak acts as a natural moisturiser for the wood which prevents the timber cells from drying up completely and splintering. This can only be achieved once the teak has been properly treated and kiln dried, click here to read more about seasoned teak

Natural Ageing

One of the main attractions of owning A-Grade Teak furniture is the fact that the timber simply ages gracefully into a lovely silvery grey patina. A-Grade teak will also develop a driftwood like pattern, which makes A-Grade Teak outdoor furniture the obvious choice to convey a casual and homely feel to your outdoor space. Find out more about how teak naturally ages here

No Finishing Necessary

As it does not require any sort of finishing to maintain its durability outdoors, A-Grade Teak has proven to be a far more convenient timber choice for your outdoor furniture. Additionally, it allows you to avoid the use of harsh and sometimes dangerous chemicals that can also be expensive, ineffective and time consuming.

Easy to Restore

Removing the silver gray patina from your A-Grade Teak furniture is as simple as washing it with warm water and detergent. The silver patina will later develop once again after the furniture is exposed to the element. Read more about how you can restore your aged teak furniture here