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1. There must be someone to receive the delivery at the address provided by our customer (you) at the time of purchase. Wintons Teak (we) will not deliver goods where nobody will receive the goods at the time of delivery. In such case Wintons Teak will charge a return fee, which is twice the fee charged for delivery.

2. There needs to be evidence that you are the intended recipient of the delivery, thus it is important to have the sales invoice present on delivery.

3. Any balance payment can be made upon delivery via cash (COD) or credit card (Visa, Master and visa debit) over the phone. It is important that you keep the delivery docket handed by our driver/delivery staff, as it serves as proof of payment of your balance.

4. It is not possible to provide an exact delivery time. It is possible to request a phone call to be made to you one hour prior to delivery.

5. Delivery service may include assembling services and moving the goods to the intended place. However, the service does not include moving any of your existing furniture or to rearrange the delivered goods within your residence or the designated address of delivery.

6. Delivery service may include assembling services and moving the goods to the intended place. While it is in our interest to complete the delivery job as soon as possible, it is not possible to set a definite time frame in which the delivery or any other service, such as assembly, will be completed by our delivery staff. This is because the time frame to complete delivery depends on the type and quantity of goods that needs to be delivered and the layout of the building or sites of the delivery address.

7. Changes to delivery address or time must be notified at least one day before the scheduled delivery to the store in which the sales invoice was issued. Wintons Teak reserves the right to refuse changes to delivery address or to make changes on the delivery charge.

8. In circumstances where you cancel the purchase of goods which we have delivered, additional charges to take the goods back from the delivery address to our warehouse will take effect. This means that you be charged twice the amount paid for delivery. This also includes assembly services, unless the goods were cancelled before being assembled at the intended delivery address.

9. It is important to inspect the goods before signing the “goods received” space, as we do not accept later claim of scratches, stains, etc.

10. Wintons Teak reserves the right to refuse to take any part of the goods packaging back, which may include carton boxes, wrapping paper and wooden pallet.

11. In the event that you find the goods cannot be assembled, we will attempt to assist you in assembling the goods and to find out whether the product has any defect preventing it from being assembled. In the case where the product is found to be defective, we will take the necessary steps as provided in our warranty policy. Where there is no defect to be found, then an assembly and delivery fee will be charged accordingly.

12. It is not possible for us to hold on to goods that you have ordered or purchased for more than 21 days, from the day you were informed of the availability of the goods to be delivered. Where you do not make any arrangement for pick up or delivery after 21 days, then the sales invoice will be cancelled and any amount paid will be forfeited.