Pierson Coffee Table

The Pierson coffee table is a timeless piece that is best described as a sturdy and substantial piece. The wide slats run along the entire length of the tabletop, and the 100mm leg supports make this a solid outdoor dining table option. 

The solid look is complemented by sophisticated and intricate details, which include the use of spacers between the tabletop and its apron that makes the tabletop to appear as though they are floating along the apron. The piece is completed by a distressed finish, giving an organic look to an otherwise rigid and structured table. 

At 86cm, the width of the Pierson coffee table matches the overall depth of the Pierson modular living set. Whilst its height at 40cm is the same as the seat height of the modular living set and is much lower than the overall height of the backrest. Therefore, placing the coffee table in between the living set pieces will create an opening or visual break that enhances the living set.



" Wintons Teak, Thank you so much!! My husband absolutely loves the Teak living set that I bought from you. I am so appreciative of your customer service and the best quality products. I bought the setting from your Moore Park store. The staff was so courteous, helpful, efficient, who helped me to make the right decision. " 

Kim, Paddington, NSW.

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Pierson Coffee Table
Available in 86cm & 120cm Long
5 Year Warranty
Flat Packed

Pierson Coffee Table 86x86 

The 86x86cm square Pierson coffee table is intended to be a versatile piece that can be placed along the modular living set or as a corner piece (or a return) in between two adjacent left and right modular loveseats. The broad slatted tabletop and chunky table legs make the Pierson coffee table a piece that exudes a sense of strength and sturdiness. 

Pierson Coffee Table 120x86

This large rectangular Pierson coffee table is designed both as a centrepiece or to be placed in between the Pierson modular pieces. Designed at the same depth as the Pierson modular pieces, the Pierson coffee table functions as a visual break to the otherwise bulky and oversized Pierson modular setting. Crafted from distressed a-grade teak, the Pierson coffee table can be left out in full sun and pouring rain without any maintenance.