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A–grade teak refers to a select section of teak heartwood, found at the centre of the teak log. It is the most mature part of the log, which features high grain density and is rich in natural oils.

A-grade teak possesses a rich honey colour and is resistant to termites and other insects. Its grain is fine yet strong in comparison with other timbers, allowing it to remain resilient to the elements. It is though and hard-wearing but light enough to be used for furniture making. The natural oils found in A-grade teak prevents water penetration, making it virtually immune to rotting. This means that it need not be oiled when left outdoors and will remain smooth even after years.

Zero maintenance
The natural oil and smooth grain of A-Grade teak ensure that no re-oiling or other specific maintenance is necessary to keep your furniture impervious to water, rot, and insects. It is simply a matter of general cleaning.

Warm honey colour, or silvery-grey patina?
As it ages, teak develops a silvery-grey patina. Some love it, while others choose to restore its original warm honey colour.

Kiln-dried timber

When timber is not properly treated and dried, it may easily split or warp. Wintons Teak properly kiln dries each component to the optimum moisture content for Australian conditions (10-12%), ensuring your furniture is impervious to the changing weather and is suitable to be used outdoors in any season.