One problem with shopping for furniture is coming across a design that you like, however it’s not made in the right size, colour, or with the right functionality as what you have in mind. Which is why we offer customisation services based on existing designs and what’s more, if you have something specific in mind, we also offer a bespoke design service.

Teak wood grows about 1cm in diameter each year. A-grade teak can only be sourced from teak logs larger than 30cm, meaning a tree of at least 30-years old or more. At Wintons Teak, timber selection and grading is a critical process in our production. As we mill our timber internally, we have the full flexibility to utilise any thickness of the components we use. The stringent selection and grading process means that on average, only 20% of the log can be considered as A-grade. This determines the price of A-grade.
A GRADEMature A-grade teak possesses fine yet strong grains that are densely packed, which result in a smooth silky finish. Different from inferior grades, A-grade teak is far more stable allowing for more freedom in design and construction method.
B, C - GRADEThe outer ring of the log is the B and C-grade, which is the younger part of the log. Also known as the sapwood, these inferior grades do not have the natural oil content that is needed for the furniture to withstand the outdoors. This is why lesser teak grades are often sold finished with oil and need to be re-oiled at least annually.

Custom Indoor Dining Table

Custom Size, Timber and Finish