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General Warranty Policy

The warranty we provide for our products varies depending on the materials used. Therefore, it is important that you refer to the information relating to the material used in your furniture. Please read the general warranty policy below in conjunction with the product features and care instructions enclosed.

Wintons Teak reserves the right to make changes regarding product specifications and care instructions. Please visit our website for the most up-to-date information.

Scope of Warranty

Wintons Teak guarantees that it will resolve any timber and/or structural defects only. (This does not include  the finish, which includes stain, oil or lacquer) within the warranty period by:

1. Repair; or
2. Replacement product in the event that the product cannot be repaired.

Warranty Period

The period covered in relation to the above scope of warranty also varies between the different materials. Wintons Teak offers different period of warranty for all products, please refer to our product specification on our website at wintonsteak.com.

Terms of Warranty

The warranty is limited to the following conditions:

•       The natural characteristics of the product/material cannot be deemed as a defect (please refer to the relevant product features & care instructions enclosed).
•       Reasonable wear and tear of the product cannot be regarded as a defect (please refer to the appropriate product features & care instructions enclosed).
•       The product must be maintained in accordance with the relevant care instructions provided (please refer to the appropriate product features & care instructions enclosed).
•       The warranty does not extend to defects due to improper cleaning, negligence or treatment of product with chemicals (please refer to the appropriate product features & care instructions enclosed).
•       The warranty does not extend to damage caused by spills, including but not limited to acid, solvent, dyes, food, candles, ink, paint or body fluids.
•       The warranty is only provided to the original purchaser.
•       The warranty does not cover products which have been used for commercial or non-domestic purposes.
•       Any repair or replacement does not include cost of transportation in order to repair or replace product claimed under warranty.

Terms and Conditions of this Information

The information provided is accurate as of 09/05/12. Wintons Teak reserves the right to make any changes regarding the product specifications and care and maintenance instructions. Our website will always contain the most up to date information.

Questions and claims

We treat each of our claims seriously. All warranty claim cases need to be assessed by our technicians, who are not always available at our Alexandria warehouse or Artarmon Showroom.

For this reason, please do not come to the shop directly to claim your warranty.

To make a claim, please contact us through our customer service email or over the phone with your invoice number and related product photos. We will assess your case carefully; it may take up to 10 working days. After assessing your case, we will contact you to arrange delivery/pick up or repair.

In the event that we require further evidence to support that your claim is due to manufacturing defects rather than improper use of the product and/or negligence, we will require a statutory declaration written by you, including the following clauses:

(1) I have followed the product feature and care instruction information provided by the Wintons Teak
(2) I have made this warranty claim in good faith
(3) I have attached the invoices and the pictures of the defective product


For further information of product feature and care maintenance , please visit:  http://www.wintonsteak.com/care-maintenance

Customer Service details are as follows:
Email: customer_service@wintonsteak.com
Phone: (02) 9662 8467