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The Ove in PR3 is hand-woven with polyrod wicker, a 3mm round shaped synthetic wicker coiled around an aluminium frame. The result is an open weaving that creates a light and airy chair. Suspended from the aluminium frame around it, the seat stretches and absorbs the weight put on it and reverts back to its original form, providing for maximum comfort.


Made from hand-woven synthetic wicker on aluminium frame, The Ove collection comes with 3 years warranty.

Ove Large (PR3)

The large sized Ove Chair is a roomy one-person seat, allowing for the user to have their feet up on the seat and to move into various seating positions more easily.

RRP $2,585.00

Ove XX Large (PR3)

The Extra Large Ove Chair can accommodate at least 2 adults, and allows for the user/s to lay down fully flat.

RRP $4,385.00

Ove Coffee Table 50 (PR3)

The Ove Coffee Table is topped with tempered glass. Toughened, it does not easily break and will shatter into small pieces rather than unsafe jagged shards if destroyed.   

RRP $865.00